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Dog Parvo Symptoms | Symptoms Of Dog Parvo

Dog Parvo Symptoms | Symptoms Of Dog Parvo, symptom checker, there are lot of symptoms that can happen with parvo disease, and most of them affects dogs. When dogs are actually infected with the parvo disease, which is actually a virus, they always show signs of a high fever, and they have a certain lethargy among them, which can actually be very harmful to them. A dog if it turns lethargy, and is the stool with a dog passes happens to become yellowish in colour and having a very bad smell, then he or she would be obviously infected by the parvovirus, and then treatment has to be immediate otherwise the dog may be dead after a while.

Dog Parvo Symptoms | Symptoms Of Dog Parvo In such circumstances, if the dog also happens to bring out blood during the stool passing through the intestine, then he or she would be guaranteed to have parvo virus in their body, and treatment would have to be immediate. Also if the dog has diarrhoea, and sometimes it has eating problems, and can also have a tendency to vomit always, then he or she would have to be checked out for parvovirus. If all the symptoms actually are there in your dog, then you can be certain that they have parvovirus and get it treated immediately.

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* Lethargic. If your dog normally likes to play and has high energy, this is the clearest sign that something is wrong. You could say they act depressed.
* Lack of Appetite. The more common strains attack the digestive system.
* Vomiting with no change in diet. It usually looks clear and foamy.
* Bloody Diarrhea.
* Stronger Feces Odor. It’s unmistakable and you will never forget it.

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